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25 May 2005 @ 10:21 am

I dreamed there was a secret passage that went directly from Santa Rosa to Petaluma. (no, not the 101). In the dream I am a reporter. I walk through the short portal that looks like a rough tunnel. On the other side there is a dirt road one block long that terminated at the base of a hill. On either side are a row of white townhouses. (nothing like Petaluma really).

The first building on the left is a closed pottery/bakery business. I am told they are going out of business and that a developer is going to buy the whole block. As I walk down the street people come out of the houses. They look at me without looking at me (like hanging clothes steal a glance) A group of about four men confront me godfather style. I tell them I know a family in Healdsburg I give them a name (Millun) that I realize now is a lot like my family name.

I tell them that I want to write a story about the portal. They didn't like that. The next part of the dream I am back on the other side of the portal walking up a street in a neighborhood like in Sebastopol. I am being followed by a hit man sent by the portal neighborhood. When the hit mans car pulls up beside me it is a beat-up noisy old Toyota like car. The driver is Jack Palance. I am safe. The dream ends.

An image from a different dream...my fathers body being double bagged for burial by Yvonne and someone else. Other images of my father lying is state. later, walking down a mall with my family behind me; looking into doorways I mistake a rough looking man for my father. I wave before I see my mistake.

In my dreams there some really wonderful buildings; beautiful interiors and exteriors. I wish I was an artist so I could draw or paint some of them.
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