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18 October 2006 @ 06:02 pm
When I find a long time journal/blog that has been abandoned it makes me kind of sad. For a time the journal's owner faithfully recorded and shared their writing and their life and then they moved on. Even though we are strangers, my human mind feels and thinks we are connected in some way.


In June of 2000 a livejournal "Early Adopter" who stopped posting about a two years ago wrote:

"I'm curious about other people's motives for having a live journal..."

"there is [an] aspect of how one person's petty details can seem exotic to another..."

"I suppose that for me, livejournal is an open letter to the world..."

"In return, I hope that maintaining it will keep my eyes open to the world around me - a myoclonic jerk to the psyche so to speak..."

This is how I have felt since I started keeping an online journal.

my·oc·lo·nus (mī-ŏk'lə-nəs) n.
A sudden twitching of muscles or parts of muscles, without any rhythm or pattern, occurring in various brain disorders.