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23 October 2006 @ 03:41 am
Coffee Day  
I went downtown to return an audio book to the library.

I stopped by Peet's to buy a pound of coffee. I sat on the bench outside and drank my cafe au lait. As antsy young woman came over to me and said, "I need money for coffee". It was stated as a passing comment, not a requested. I guess to sound less in-your-face. She was dressed nicer than I was and I remarked, "you're dress pretty good for someone that needs to ask for money to buy coffee". "That's a fact", she said twisting this way and that. Me, "well good luck with that". As she left me, fidgetting and jittering, she said, trying to smile, "maybe I don't need coffee".

I don't know what she was jonesing for but it wasn't coffee. I wish I'd had a Peet's raincheck card (giving to customers that buy a pound of coffee but don't want their complimentary cup of coffee right then), to give to her. I don't hand out cash anymore.

While I was sitting on the bench I pulled out my cell phone and took a few pictures of the buildings on 4th street. when I got home I discided that I need to learn how to download the pictures in my phone. (some of those pictures have been there for two years). I discovered it takes a lot of keystrokes. I sent them to yahoo first but I couldn't get them to open. So, I sent them to gmail. They opened easy-peasy.

From the bench in front of Peet's Coffee

My first cell phone photo. Jim, Dec, 25th, 2004 (the phone was an xmas gift)
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