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11 June 2007 @ 05:47 pm
Further Thoughts on the Sopranos Finale  
Well, I am in the group that likes the end of The Sopranos series finale Made in America. I admit, I didn't get it at first. But now it is clear to me and most other viewers of the finale, the sudden break to darkness and silence is the moment that Tony was shot in the head. We just don't see it and neither does Tony.

I watched it several times with the idea that he is shot and this is what I think happens...Tony seats himself where he can see anyone coming in the front door. He looks up each time the front door opens and he checks who it is.

Early in the scene a man in a "Members Only" jacket walks in ahead of AJ. He sits in at the counter for a moment then moves past Tony to the restrooms just behind and to the right of where Tony is sitting. In the mean time there is small talk among Tony, AJ and Carmela while they wait for Meadow. We see Meadow coming, Tony looks up as the door opens to Meadow...at that moment, sudden darkness and silence. I believe off screen, the man that had moved to the restroom shot Tony in the head.

Tony to Bobby in the first episode of the season, "...you wouldn't even know it had happened: everything would just go black." Ironically that episode is called Members Only.
la marquise du sudla_sherazade on June 12th, 2007 07:52 am (UTC)
Yup, just watched it, and I think you're right. I'm so sad the series is over though...even though so many of the characters are truly reprehensible, the show was so well-written, and it really made me feel nostalgic for my roots. (Yes, we did have a mobster in the family, but it was a great-great uncle and I never knew him.) Now that my great-grandmother is gone, and both my grandfathers, there aren't any 'pure-blooded' Italian-Americans in my family anymore, and I really miss that influence.
Did you catch all of the great sounds in the last episode? The sound of the wind and that horribly lonely sound of crows in the winter that I remember so well from New England.
Damn, I need to go back to Boston or Providence one of these days...
Honey's World: Babyfacehoneywest on June 12th, 2007 12:52 pm (UTC)
I rewatched the end last night, I really somehow missed the cut back to Tony after Meadow enters the first time. I agree, I think that is what happen. I agree, a sad and appropriate ending.