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19 April 2008 @ 04:37 pm
Dierk's Parkside Cafe  
My husband and I just ate at Dierk's Parkside Cafe for the first time today. We are always looking for local weekend breakfast places. Unfortunately for us, Dierk wasn't cooking today. One of my pancakes was a little burnt (I didn't eat it) and one of my "over-mediums" was "over-hard" (I did eat it). The waitress offered to get another pancake but I don't generally send food back. Just a personal thing.

The service and the coffee was great.

I want to go back, my husband isn't so sure. Next time I will order one of their brunch specials.

It is kind of hard to get in and out of the small parking lot on a busy street.

Dierk's Parkside Cafe
404 Santa Rosa Ave Santa Rosa CA