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07 July 2005 @ 05:13 pm
New Motto  
Well, I just had a minor dust-up at the grocery store with one of the rich ridge dwellers who comes down to shop in our store in the valley.

I was trying to get past her,(I had no cart/trolley), and her gaggle of teenage girls blocking the door. She turn to me and condescend, "I was waiting for blah blah blah", "DON'T blah blah blah...", "so I said "go ahead...","no you go...","no you..."etc. I finally threw up my hands and said, (now this is brilliant),"what's the matter with you people?" I storm off, she won.

I was very upset for about 15 minutes, (heart pounding, muttering and swearing to myself). I wasn't even sure why I was worked up. I realize now it was her condescending attitude.

It is times like this that I admire Veronica Mars. She is always so cool in the face of adversity. She alway has just the right thing to say. *[sigh]*

I think I need to change my motto from;WWJGD (What Would Janeane Garofalo Do?), to WWVMD? I need a little V Mars cool.

I feel better now. ;)

(I hafta get me some Veronica Mars icons)
(Deleted comment)
A Piece of My ♥prettyedy on July 8th, 2005 02:52 am (UTC)
Like your icon says, it is good to bitch. It really did make me feel better. ;)