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11 April 2005 @ 09:46 am
Dream of Dad  

glasses hearts - sculpture
worn rocking chair
I was strong
Yvonne cooking in the other room
Dad’s arm looked like it would never heal
4 stone and glass sculpture hanging in a structure that looked like a backyard swing. dad wanted to keep one of the scuptures, I think Yvonne said he couldn’t. (The artist wasn’t there?) dad compared his arm to one of the sculptures. another man, (his age?) was with him. This is after I come down from the loft.
I am in a white rafter/loft room with lots of chairs and no way down. this is the first place I remember seeing dad in the dream.
I had slept up there.
I use gymnastic moves to get down. I have upper body strange that I didn’t know I had.
Dad doesn’t talk to me in the dream.
At the end of the dream I am looking at the worn spots of the rocking chair. I feel sad, (I think, “my dad is going to die soon”). My dad is gone. I tell Donny (one of my brothers) he can have the chair.
there is something about dad and technology early in the dream, but I can’t remember details.

I wake-up thinking dad is still alive. It takes a moment to realize that he has already died. This moment feels like the dreams I had about my mother. I lie in bed remembering details of the dream so I can write them down.

It is 9:34am now.
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redhawknflightredhawknflight on August 9th, 2006 09:06 pm (UTC)
I have dreams like that about my Dad all the time. I miss him. Death sucks.