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12 April 2005 @ 01:23 pm
I Like to Watch...TV  

"I like to watch" Chauncey Gardiner - Being There

I watch alot of television. It is my main form of entertainment when I am at home. I work in the evening (3pm to 11pm) so I tape most of the shows I watch. I have two VCRs. (No Tivo yet. Tivo can’t record two shows at the same time). The nice thing about watching taped shows is the fast forwarding thought the advers.

I watch about 3 hours at night/early morning when I get home and I’ll watch a bit in the morning/afternoon before work.

When I’m not watching TV I am caring for my pets, cleaning the house or on the computer (e.g. livejournalling)


Sunday is a big TV day for me. I watch some shows real time and tape any time conflicted show.

0600-0730 a.m.
Sunday Morning [regularly]
0700-0730 p.m.
King of the Hill [sometimes]
0730-0800 p.m.
Malcolm in the Middle [sometimes]
0800-0900 p.m.
Cold Case [regularly]
Charmed [regularly]
0900-1000 p.m.
Law & Order: Criminal Intent [regularly - this is the only L&O I watch]
Desperate Housewives [faithfully]


I am trying a No-TV-Monday. I’ll tape Medium and watch it later.


0900-1000 p.m.
Amazing Race [regularly]
Veronica Mars [faithfully]
1000-1100 p.m.
Blind Justice [some times]
The Shield [faithfully]


0800-0900 p.m.
Smallville [regularly]
Revelations [debut - we’ll see]


0800-0900 p.m.
Survivor [faithfully]
0900-1000 p.m.
Tru Calling [sometimes because I loved Buffy]
CSI (Las Vegas) [regularly - this is the only CSI I watch]
1000-1100 p.m.
Without a Trace [sometimes]


0800-0900 p.m.
Joan of Arcadia [regularly]
0900-1000 p.m.
Third Watch [regularly]
0930-1000 p.m.
Less than Perfect [regularly - this is the only sit-com I watch]
1000-1100 p.m.
Numbers [sometimes]


nothing to watch on TV. Maybe I go to a movie with my husband or a friend.

I miss Buffy.