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13 August 2005 @ 01:21 am
Some of My Stuff  
This is a sample of the kind of things I love and collect. Now-a-days if I buy something I have to feel like I would be willing to use it. I don't have the room to just get things for display.

These objects make me happy.

A Corner of the Living Room A Corner of the Living Room

My estate sale drapes, my halloween Barbie, one of our bookcases and another paint-by-number painting.
Copper Penny Mug Copper Penny Mug

When I was fifteen I would sneak out of church and walk to the Copper Penny for a hamburger and coffee.

I love restaurantware.
Close-up of the Drape Close-up of the Drape

Paint-By-Number ~ Robin Paint-By-Number ~ Robin

This was my first paint-by-number painting. I got it at a garage sale for $1.

It is 10x8 with frame.
My Kitchen Counter My Kitchen Counter

That is all of my counter work area. From left to right; "retro" toaster, Griffith's spice rack, Redwing cookie jar, Pyrex bowl, Beautyware canisters and breadbox.
Pebble Art Pebble Art

I love the colors and composition. It is so cheerful.
Paint-By-Number ~ Paris Paint-By-Number ~ Paris

This is a beautifully painted and beautifully framed paint-by-number I picked up for $25 at a antique show.
With the frame this is 31x25.
The Picture Window The Picture Window

The living room looks out to the backyard. That is the Mulberry tree I sit under to read.
Kit Kat Klock Kit Kat Klock

To the right is the kitchen, to the left is a sliver of the diningroom.

P.S. I used Livejournal Scrapbook to post these pictures. It didn't space the columns very well. Oh. well. I wonder if anyone at Livejournal is work on the Scrapbook bugs. I get a feel that they have kind of forgotten that it is there.
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A Piece of My ♥: LE MATINprettyedy on August 14th, 2005 06:26 pm (UTC)
It has been a goal of mine to post photos of some of my favorite things in my collection. There will be a few more things I'll post later.

One thing that makes Scrapbook different from other hosting sites that I've tried is it doesn't resize photos. I spent a lot of time making resize copies before downloading.
nawah: HAPPYnawah on August 14th, 2005 06:30 pm (UTC)
Pretty! The curtains are my favorite! I should get my mother on this. I'm sure she would love to share and see what others have collected.
A Piece of My ♥prettyedy on August 14th, 2005 10:45 pm (UTC)
Your Mom
I think your mother might enjoy the vintagecolor community.
nawahnawah on August 15th, 2005 08:45 pm (UTC)
43 things, flickr
OK, now I'm addicted! I think that is a good thing though. My HTML class starts today so I can tie it all in.

I'm worried about the announcement today. I think the way I read it, the Santa Rosa site is safe. I guess we'll find out soon enough.
dashersher: wizard in librarydashersher on August 17th, 2005 02:12 am (UTC)
i am totally diggin' on your vintage kitchenware. i'm so jealous- makes me wanna run out to the nearest fleamarket ('cept that flea market runs on the 2nd weekend of the month, so i'll hafta wait...*sigh*)

(commentary from an interloping stranger)
A Piece of My ♥prettyedy on August 21st, 2005 10:09 am (UTC)
Re: nice
Be warned, it is habit forming.