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22 August 2005 @ 03:21 am
Remembering Dad  

Dad and Pam in Mexico Dad and Pam in Mexico

Here we are at one of the ruins of Mexico. I think I was less that two on this trip.

I started reading Blue Highways this weekend. It was on my father’s nightstand along with a book of spiritual wisdom from many religions. I am pretty sure my catholic stepmother got rid of the latter tuit suite, but I got Blue Highways.

It is kind of perfect. Two things my father loved to do was to travel and to read. In his adult life he traveled many miles on road trips to Mexico, Canada or across the United States. I think he read in bed almost every night before he went to sleep. I think he and my stepmother read to each other throughout their twenty-three year marriage.

Dad was cheap. He did both of these things in the cheapest possible way. Most of he’s books came from the library. (I also got his library card). When he traveled he drove an old mini pickup truck. I believe he would camp or stay with friends along the way. I also got some of his spiral notebooks. In them he would make notes of places he wanted to see on his trip. (These notebooks also contained detailed notes from spiritual books he was reading, along with recipes and a list of songs he wanted sung at his funeral).

The last two books he checked out of the library were travel books for southwest states.

As I read Blue Highways I wonder, did he get to read this book? Had he started it? (There was no bookmark). Had he just finished it? Was this a second reading? It is hard to imagine he had never read it before. It is so very much the kind of book he would read. He loved Steinbeck’s Travel’s with Charlie. He loved Steinbeck.

To be continued...
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nawah: moonnawah on August 22nd, 2005 08:02 pm (UTC)
Cute picture of you and your dad. You're fortunate you had a good relationship with your father. Too bad about the other books, but at least you have the one that was on his nightstand.