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22 December 1971 @ 11:04 pm
A Card from My Mother in Mexico  
The card: This is not a postcard, but I don't have the envelope it was sent in. The date is approximent. Reproductions of primitive paintings on Amatl (Natural bark paper) for the State of Guerrero, Mexico

My Darling Pamela,

This card, with the pink horse, was my very favorite so I'm sending it to you. With it comes a whole big sack of hopes, wishes, and love for you.

If you go to Mass Christmas Eve I will probably be in the Cathedral here thinking about you. They are going to have a mass at midnight and some of us here plan to go.

Chistmas in Mexico is very lovely except they have picked up a few bad habits from the U.S. Woolworths here is selling aluminum christmas trees. But there are still lots of pinatas and stuff.

A very very Merry Christmas my love, and next year, your eighteenth year, will be your very best yet. I love you and a special peace for the season.
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