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13 May 2005 @ 03:57 am
A Short Walk  
Today at work I took a short walk. (one of my daily goals is to push away from the computer or tv and move). alone the way I saw four rare birds in a setting that is very common to me.

the first two birds were hawks of some kind above the Redwood trees in the east courtyard. their voices drew my attention. I looked up and saw one hawk scolding the other hawk out of it's air space. I saw evening sunlight though the feathers of their wings. between them was the crescent moon.

the next bird was a california quail. I heard his voice, I looked up, he was on the top of a lamp post. I was surprised, I didn't know that quails would fly that high. (they usual run). I stop to watch him for a moment. later I saw him again with the last bird. the two quail were running together. In the 80s, when I first started work at my company, there was almost no building development. It was common to see a mother quail running across the road with a dozen chicks behind her. with building development and ferrel cats, wildlife is pretty stressed now.
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