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24 April 2006 @ 02:25 pm
Right Wing Cuckoo's Nest  
In elementary school, I watched in horror at a nature movie showing a large cuckoo bird hatchling pushed the smaller true offspring of unsuspecting parents out of the nest to die. That image is what came to mind when I watched Real Time with Bill Maher this week.

Bill's guests were Gen. Anthony Zinni, Mortimer Zuckerman and the cuckoo bird on the panel Heather Higgins.

Shiny red jacket, big lapels, big hair, big hand gestures, the first to speak after a question in a voice several decibels higher then the other panelists. In wide shots the men in gray beside her looked like they were being pushed aside.

Her presentation was engineered for maximum control of the discussion. Nothing she said mattered. It was all about keeping other points of view from being heard.

Heather can be seen doing her cuckoo routine at Real Time with Bill Maher's
Oh, and One More Thing video clip.
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