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21 July 2006 @ 11:15 am
Things Change  
Well, time passes and things change. On Friday July 14th Janeane Garofalo made it official. She is leaving her show on Air America Radio.

Tonight is her last show. Janeane is so articulate and so passionate. People either love her or hate her.

For the first year that Air America Radio was on the air I was in a constant state of euphoria. I smiled all the time. I loved their coverage of the Democrat and Republican conventions and the protests in New York when the Republicans were in town.

I was there, vicariously, through Janeane and Sam and the other Air America hosts.

I will miss Janeane and all that she brought to the show and my life. I learned a lot in the last two years.

Thanks Janeane.


Janeane showing off the jewelry she made while she was on Grand Jury duty. Sam Seder mugs for the camera.